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Pick Your Battles


Warnock, Kelly, Demings and a dozen other campaigns are filling my InBox. And trying to empty my wallet. And damn it, we need every one of these offices, whether it’s holding onto Warnock in GA or Kelly in AZ, or helping Val Demings oust Marco Rubio in Florida.

Because that’s not a political party over there at Republican headquarters anymore. That’s a fascist white-power cult, funded by organized billionaires determined to rewrite the Constitution (here trying to fix the Supreme Court at nine seats, to prevent losing the majority they stole).

And of course, first in line is their program to empty Democratic pockets in the richest Blue State in the US, California, by running this ridiculous recall against Gov. Newsom. Even if the recall succeeds, the replacement would only be in office for about 18 months, and then we’d elect another Democrat.

But we know what Republicans are these days: a pack of stupid, lazy racist cowards. And we’ve seen the damage they can do, and ARE doing, across this country. Apparently, the qualifying event for the next Republican presidential candidates is “How Many Of Your State’s Children Can You Kill By 2022?

We can’t get overwhelmed, now or in the upcoming cycles, but we have to keep fighting.

So first, VOTE NO on the Recall. Get your ballot in NOW.

Then look at the campaigns that are coming up across the country. Look at your money. And pick just two or three campaigns besides the ones you can vote in. Ignore the rest, at least financially. Learn the dates and the deadlines for that Congressional race in 2022, the Governor races this year, whichever ones speak to you, that are important to you.

Then work your ass off for those campaigns. But send your money only to those candidates. Budget your money for this, just like you do it for any other expenses. Budget for the primaries, then for the generals. Make calls, send texts, write postcards.

The 2008 campaign proved that if they just keep asking, you’ll send money eventually. It’s why they keep asking. So pick your campaigns, open your wallet JUST to them, and stay focused. We’re winning. It’s why they’re trying to keep us from voting, and why they’re resorting to violence.

There’s more of us than them. More Americans than Republicans.

Trickle Down on My Pant Leg

How much longer are we going to run up the deficit? The one that Reagan started running up in ’81. The one that America’s run up, not just nationally, but in every state, even California. Think of the deficit we’re leaving our children, and future generations.

Well, maybe it’s going to stop. Or at least slow down. Because, thanks to the Democrats, it looks like we may try to pay down over $4 trillion of it, if both of these infrastructure bills get to Biden’s desk.

Wait. What?

The deficit of spending on our roads and our bridges, on our schools and our children, on the internet not of the future but the here-and-now, on Americans themselves, who’ve been told for four decades that America isn’t E Pluribus Unum, ‘Out of Many, One’, but YOYO. “You’re on your own.”

We haven’t done the maintenance on our country, and it shows. And not just the physical plant, the roads and bridges Republicans grudgingly admit need work.

What about Americans themselves?

Buried under student debt, bankrupted by medical debt, homeownership lost to the scam of subprime loans and payday lenders. Americans working three minimum wage jobs for shitty apartments that no inspector inspects, so are never up to code. Americans with ever-barer safety nets, Americans without medical care, Americans without mental health care, sent into the streets by that same Reagan. Americans lied about by his party as welfare queens and leftist students.

All in the name of “trickle-down” economics. A lie that has built this huge deficit owed to Americans.

There’s a drought across the American West. But a water main breaks in America every two minutes. Enough fresh treated water to fill 9000 swimming pools…every damned day. Because we haven’t done the maintenance. There’s a massive sewage dump at this moment in Santa Monica Bay, because the treatment plant is overloaded…and the beaches are closed. Our roads cost us individually in tires and repairs because we don’t maintain them. The cost of tuition to public college has more than doubled (adj for inflation) since 1970, and the average student is carrying $33K in debt. How do you pay that off on an unpaid intern position, or two minimum-wage jobs?

This massive deficit owed to America was caused by trickle down, and its results trickle down to this day. It trickles down into your streets and parks, it trickles down onto your sidewalks and under your overpasses. It’s trickled down onto the center median where it holds a sign.

“Please Help. God Bless.”

Fill This, Buster


Moscow Mitch showed us his racism, his hatred of the idea of America, of our democracy, this afternoon. He and his gang of Koch-owned Republicans put up their solid 50-vote wall against restoring the Voting Rights Act, not by arguing against it in a public debate, but by voting against the Senate even being allowed to debate it.

Because, in addition to being hate-filled, Koch-owned, racists, they’re cowards. Every one of them.

They used to just be afraid of ReichWing billionaires funding evermore insane, farther right candidates to primary them, in Red states of voters brainwashed by FOXnotFacts misinformation and lies.

Now, they literally fear for their lives. Think Mike Pence is the only Republican they want to hang? Liz Cheney said many Republicans in the Senate were concerned over threats if they voted to impeach Trump. You know they fear voting for anything McConnell is against, not just for political reasons within the Senate, but because they’re getting threats to themselves and their families.

They created this heavily-armed nation-wide gang of BigLie-deluded zombies. Now those guns are pointed at their backs. Literally.

The only solution I see, short of another civil war, or the end of democracy in the USA, is maybe Susan Collins of Maine, or Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, suddenly leaving the Senate for some reason, and their Democratic governors appointing a Democrat to replace them, thus breaking the Sinema/Manchin bloc against repealing the filibuster.

I can dream, can’t I?

Meanwhile, watch the NYC Mayor’s race.

Not for who wins (hint, it’s a Democrat,) but for how the election votes are counted. This is the most visible use of Instant Runoff, or Ranked Choice Voting. This opens campaigns to “third party candidates” that many people have wanted in America’s two-party system. Because a vote for a third-party candidate doesn’t throw away that vote. If they don’t win, your second choice gets your vote.

At the same time, be careful what you wish for. You may get it.

The Pyramid of Lies


Sen. Bill Bradley once pointed out the structural difference between our two parties by describing two pyramids. He said the Democrats wait ’til they find their candidate, then build their entire pyramid upside-down, on top of that candidate, for that cycle. The Republicans have built an entire pyramid, from the bottom up. They just look around for the best candidate to be the point on top. 

The current Republican pyramid started around 1980, when Reagan got elected by telling Americans that their constitutional government was bad, was a bad idea even. Every Republican candidate, from Newt to Pappy Bush to Trump, has pounded that line ever since.

By 2000, Republicans had started selling their Big Fraud, that there was a lot of cheating in elections, that people who shouldn’t vote (you know, blacks, browns, young’uns) were voting, so had to be purged from voter rolls. And that’s how George W got elected, er, installed by the Supreme Court in 2000, “winning” Florida by 537 votes, after his brother the Gov removed 80,000 people from the state’s voter rolls.

Government is so bad everyone in America can get a free education through high school, and no one’s ever missed a Social Security check. Voter fraud is so frequent that Texas, TEXAS, only found 11 registrations that voted at the wrong precinct in the 2020 General, out of over 11 million votes.

But the Big Lie, the lie that Donald won, is built on that solid, perpetually funded, pyramid of earlier lies. With Republican states suppressing voting, eliminating citizen initiatives to get around gerrymandered legislatures, creating district-elected state judges, and putting responsibility for certifying elections in the hands of politicians who are owned and operated by the billionaires who’ve funded this pyramid from the beginning, we may just be at the end of the American Experiment.

I’m genuinely scared.

Every election, for every office everywhere in America, is an emergency now. And will be for the foreseeable future. Even if we get the John Lewis bill and the For The People Act passed (and don’t get me started about Democrats who don’t vote for democracy,) JustUs Roberts struck down the law the John Lewis Bill restores, and now he has a bigger majority of anti-democracy FederalistSociety dregs sitting with him on the Court. Think they’ll let either of these bills stand? Remember why McConnell had Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Island installed: to keep Republicans in power, from the states up, from the Supreme Court down, with a bit of filibuster thrown into the Senate for seasoning.

We need to push for Democrats in PA and AZ, protect our Gov here in CA, and get corporate (see: ‘Republican’) money out of politics.

Get on it, folks.

It’s slipping away, and Republicans are greasing the skids. 



I suffer from a family malady. I am funny, until I’m talking about something important…and then the funny disappears. This is part of why I haven’t written here in a while. Because my funny hadn’t just left, it’d been replaced.

I have been so angry, for so much of the last four years, that I could not act on it. I could barely live with it. I have come so close to destroying my TV, or punching walls, so many times…Didn’t know I had that in me, did you?

So I have only seen a few minutes of the Jan 6th insurrection, only a few seconds of George Floyd’s murder, or Daunte’s, or the lieutenant’s being pepper-sprayed. I can barely type that sentence. And I’ve given Chauvin’s trial not one damned second of my viewing time. Two daily papers make me angry enough.

I also suffer the Liberal’s Malady: Too many things need fixing, so where to start? So focus.

Democrats got the American Rescue Plan passed, with not one damned Republican vote in either house. Among other things, it gives low-income parents direct checks for children. Every month. No strings attached. A 13-yr postal worker is now homeless because she had to quit in order to keep her school-at-home high school sons from flunking out. The two $250 checks a month would have paid for home care, so she could work, so they wouldn’t be in a shelter now.
These checks are said to reduce child poverty by 50%.

But they run out in a year.

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill will also get no Republican votes. McConnell has said so. But if we get it passed, people will get jobs, and get connected to the rest of the nation, and get well.

And if we remind folks that WE DEMOCRATS got them that help, that check, that job, that connection, that career, we can use that to get them registered, and get them to the polls.
And if we remind them that the stupid, lazy, racist, cowardly Republicans will stop all that, will take that all away, then Republicans will never get elected except by cheating…..


Well, that’s another column.