Get Active

Getting Involved

The WLADC works locally to elect Democrats and club endorsed initiatives. Our first priority is our own backyard – the Westside. We also work for candidates all over LA County and vicinity – wherever we’re needed. We also adopt swing states and candidates, all over the country! GET STARTED With Westside Democratic HQ!

Marc’s Senate Rankings

Our own Marc Saltzberg regularly rates the most competitive Senate races across the country. His latest:


West LA Democratic Club Legislative Action Committee

Pending California Bills – Please voice your opinions! California Legislative Information

Green Dream Campaign

THE GREEN DREAM CAMPAIGN’S MISSION is a call to action for all Democratic Clubs in Los Angeles, ALL Democratic Institutions in Los Angeles surrounding areas and all of California, to go GREEN and Sustainable by 2022. We take a Green Pledge and follow 9 Green Code Of Ethics that will insure that all our actions are Green and Sustainable.  We as a Party, and as a community that supports helping the Climate Emergency, need to be leaders and lead by example: Its not the speeches we make, it’s the Actions we take.  We know better. Let’s do better! Visit

The Work

Some of
What We Do:

Text- and phone-banking

Make calls or text voters to lay the ground for Democratic victories and encourage voter turnout.
Think: Doug Jones in Alabama or firing Steve Knight in CA-CD25 or Ted Lieu, Karen Bass,
Maxine Waters, Ben Allen, Autumn Burke, and Mike Bonin right here on the Westside!

Door-to-Door turnout efforts

We know the best way to contact voters is face-to- face – so we go where voters are… their front-
doors. We'll let you know how to get involved with bus trips and local canvassing efforts. And
we support our volunteers with training in both techniques and the candidates!

Voter registration

Join us at shopping malls, festivals and rallies around town to register new voters. Recruit
additional volunteers at the same time and have great conversations with new people!

Write Postcards

Flip Arizona, Virginia, Texas and other states blue? We’re on it. Join us!